Making a Splash in Cystic Fibrosis Research!

Questions and Answers

Hi there. Where can I buy Indrepta? 23. July 2017

How soon will the saliva test be available, and will it be available in the UK? 16. July 2016

This I expect will be available around the end of 2016.  We are currently focused on getting the Indrepta supplement finished first.

Given the CFF has a warchest of nearly $3.7bn, they would seem like the natural go-to for funding of your new drug. Have you applied for funding there, and if so what is the application’s status? 11. March 2015

We have not applied for funding with the CFF, even with their large amounts of funds now. More recently we have tried talking with some other smaller organizations and they indicated that all research was coming from the CFF.  To me it would make more sense for the CFF to distribute 15-20% of their research funds to smaller orgs, since more ideas would be developed, meaning a better chance of finding a winner.  We have been applying for some grants and are currently in the pending state right now.  However, if none of those are accepted, now might be the best time to pursue funding from the CFF, as their pockets have become very deep.