Indrepta A to B

Hi, I have df508 and r553x Cf mutations. I’ve been taking Indrepta since November 2016. I didn’t notice a lot of difference, but I did seem to cough up more stuff than usual after taking it for about 5 days. I seemed to only remember to take it twice a day, so taking 3 twice a day was my norm. Not sure if taking more would have been better. I can’t say that I felt so much better, but when I did do another PFT, My Fev1 had gone up 2%. Yeah! I go for another cf clinic in 2 weeks. We’ll see where I’m at then. I did want to mention that my husband had gotten this crud/cold and brought it home. He had a lot of body aches, sinus congestion, and cough for weeks. I did catch what he had, but I didn’t have any body aches and didn’t feel terrible, as usual, when I get a cold or something like that. I thought that because I was taking these supplements, that it helped me fight off the symptoms that I usually get. I’ve always taken lots of supplements, vitamins, and minerals all my life, so I can’t say that it was only because I started taking supplements that helped. I think that the ingredients in the Indrepta somehow helped my body more than what I normally took. I did have the sinus congestion from the cold, but that was about all that I ended up getting, which I’m so thankful. I will continue to take this and see how much more that it is doing for me. Hopefully, others will have good results as well and we can all do better. Thanks to all that have allowed this to be available to us!