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Indrepta C now available

Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences would like to announce the new batch of the dietary supplement Indrepta has been made and received by the distributor. The original batch was first released in November 2016 with types A and B. …

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Indrepta released

Indrepta has been released and is now available at  Those who donated to the Crowdrise Fundaiser will receive their bottles as soon as the mailing addresses are gathered.  This is the first of our projects with more planned and …

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Indrepta in production

The first product ever released by Sharktank, called Indrepta, is now in production and most likely will be finished within a week.  We have had several challenges getting to this point but feel very satisfied that it is finally being …

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CF Patients find therapies at a fraction of the cost

Some CF patients have achieved treatment results that are nothing short of spectacular using natural compounds. For example, Samantha, a parent of a child with CF, has created a website called Dutch Magic Factory: . Dutch Magic Factory details Samantha’s journey …

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