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Is COVID-19 Just Like The Flu?

I have often heard from others that COVID-19 is just like the seasonal flu, so why are we taking so many measures to avoid contact with each other and suspend some businesses and events? In the recent Scientific American, Dr. Jeremy Samuel Faust offers a detailed explanation of why this is not the case.

So far from my casual observations and no empirical data, most people with cystic fibrosis I know have fared well during the pandemic, even though their immune systems are challenged and are very susceptible to pulmonary infections. The best way to probably explain it, is CF people have been practicing social distancing and good hygiene their entire lives, so these “new” directives are not something that needs to be learned. So as society incrementally adjusts back to normal interactions with each other, it is still a good idea to practice these principles for some time, even if in a looser way.