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Beginning the Indrepta B journey at age 42 with DF508 and N1303

A bit of quick history on me first.... I have always been pancreatic insufficient but I didn't develop a chronic cough until age 18 after getting my first respiratory infection during my first semester away at college. I gave birth...

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Indrepta for 9 and 11 year olds

I just thought I'd report to you that I'd taken my daughter (9 yo w/CF) to her pediatrician yesterday to see about what seemed like labored respirations. She'd had a head cold for 3 1/2 weeks and then this last...

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Indrepta for 4 months (A & B)

I have been taking Indrepta since the beginning of January 2017. I have been taking 3 pills 3x a day, but I have found it very helpful to start out with a low dose, just starting with 1 a day,...

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