Indrepta for 4 months (A & B)

I have been taking Indrepta since the beginning of January 2017. I have been taking 3 pills 3x a day, but I have found it very helpful to start out with a low dose, just starting with 1 a day, then building up throughout the week to the full dosage. Overall, I haven’t gotten sick at all since starting (which is unusual as I usually get a bad infection sometime in the spring), my FEVs have been steady, and are higher than they have been since early 2016, and my lungs feel good. This is pretty significant considering I just experienced my first real winter in Utah and it has been very dry and harsh on my lungs.
I have found that I like B better than A for some reason. I started on A and was experiencing tightness in my lungs sometimes in the morning for a while, which did eventually go away, but I never had this issue with B.
Another thing I have noticed is I like to take Indrepta with food. Sometimes, I’ll forget to take my 3rd dose until right before bed, and then if I don’t eat after taking them, I experience a kind of heartburn feeling that won’t go away until I eat something. Besides that, I haven’t experienced any issues with taking the pill itself.
I am doing really well this semester, and I haven’t changed much besides adding the Indrepta, so I think it has helped me quite a bit.  I am DDF508.