Beginning the Indrepta B journey at age 42 with DF508 and N1303

A bit of quick history on me first…. I have always been pancreatic insufficient but I didn’t develop a chronic cough until age 18 after getting my first respiratory infection during my first semester away at college.
I gave birth to my first and only living child at age 38 (natural conception and non-medicated delivery). She is only a carrier of CF gene.
I have been able to maintain mild lung damage according to FEV1 stats over the years, and I saw a boost in my late 20’s which I accredit to the use of oral glutathione.
This past year or so (12-15 months) has been a bit challenging for me. 2 rounds of IVs, a bronchoscopy (first one ever) after a bad virus, and many rounds of oral antibiotics. FEV1 fluctuated between high 70’s and low 90’s during this time.
I am almost 3 weeks post last round of IVs and have less than baseline cough and sputum production. I started Indrepta B a few days ago and day 3 I wake up feeling oddly like I have my teenage lungs back. No morning mucus and nothing came up during my 30 min of vest / Pulmozyme / Hypertonic Saline regimen.

I will likely update monthly if I remember. 🙂