Indrepta for 9 and 11 year olds

I just thought I’d report to you that I’d taken my daughter (9 yo w/CF) to her pediatrician yesterday to see about what seemed like labored respirations. She’d had a head cold for 3 1/2 weeks and then this last week and a half (cold is gone) she’s had a sporadic cough, and seemed to be trying to catch her breath every so often. So the pediatrician says her lungs sounds as clear as clear can be, and her oxygen saturation was at 100% (haven’t seen 100 for a while, I think). My daughter has been on Indrepta A & B since it became available. Since then, her head cold didn’t result in a full blown exacerbation like usual, and her doctor (who she’s had since she was a baby was beside himself). He’s a Navy doctor, so there was some extra skepticism there when I told him about Indrepta. My daughter mentioned only yesterday that she felt much better when talking NAC with Indrepta. We ran out 3.5 weeks ago as I’d spaced out and forgot to order it. We told this to her Dr. and he said, “Go out and get the NAC. If her breathing returns to normal than we know “THIS” is WORKING!” This meaning The Indrepta + NAC one-two punch. I was dumbfounded! I have NEVER had a medical professional promote or encourage anything like this. My son (11 yo) also has CF. He told me a few weeks ago that he doesn’t think he has CF anymore. I smiled and hugged him. This is our miracle. Thank you.